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Professor Iris H-Y Chiu speaks at roundtable on AI, Ethics and the Banking Sector

7 December 2021

On 6 December 2021, the Irish Banking Culture Board hosted a roundtable by invitation on Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and the Banking Sector.

Skyline of London city at night time. The image has skyscrapers and office blocks

Professor Iris H-Y Chiu (Professor of Company Law and Financial Regulation at UCL Laws) was invited to speak on the relevance of a corporate responsibility paradigm for banks in managing novel risks in deploying AI systems.

Professor Chiu spoke about how banks would benefit from an enterprise-wide approach to managing the risks of AI systems, so that their internal consciousness of the map of risks can be developed. This should be connected with an external paradigm of accountability and stakeholder relations, as new interfaces introduced by AI systems can radically affect how society interacts with business.

Image: Photo by Jonathan Hazan on Unsplash