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Dr Oliver Gerstenberg appointed as advisor of upcoming European Law Institute project

29 April 2021

Dr Gerstenberg has been appointed as an advisor of the upcoming European Law Institute (ELI) project on Fundamental Constitutional Principles in the EU.

Dr Oliver Gerstenberg

Dr Oliver Gerstenberg, Senior Lecturer at UCL Laws, has been appointed as an advisor for an upcoming project which seeks to identify and articulate the fundamental constitutional principles which form the foundations of a European liberal democratic State.

The principles the project will cover include: democracy; the rule of law; the separation of powers; the right to judicial protection, including judicial independence and judicial control; accountability, including ministerial responsibility; fundamental rights as a component of the liberal democratic state. Find out more about the Fundamental Constitutional Principles project on the European Law Institute website.

The European Law Institute aims to improve the quality of European law by initiating and facilitating research; making recommendations; and providing practical guidance in the field of European legal development.