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Professor Sir Jonathan Montgomery speaks to TalkRadio about healthcare impacts of coronavirus

17 March 2020

Professor Montgomery was interviewed about the health ramifications of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and its impact on the NHS.

On Monday 16 March, Professor Sir Jonathan Montgomery (Professor of Healthcare Law at UCL Laws) spoke to Mark Dolan on TalkRadio about the impacts of coronavirus on the NHS.

Professor Montgomery discussed how NHS resources will be affected by the outbreak and how public health services will meet increased the demand - including training staff on how to treat respiratory illnesses, supplying equipment, and running simulations to prepare for treating patients.

Professor Montgomery also answered questions about the welfare of NHS staff, including protecting staff from infection and ensuring care is still available for other urgent illnesses such as cancer.

Commenting on the wider impacts of COVID-19, Professor Montgomery said: “It’s going to be a major shock to our economic system, to our community, social solidarity, as well as to health - so we need to be fighting on all fronts.”

Listen to a recording of the interview now on TalkRadio (click on 13:30-14:00, interview starts at approximately 04:09).