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Professor Dame Hazel Genn gives evidence on Constitutional implications of Covid-19

4 June 2020

On 3 June 2020, Professor Genn appeared before the Lords Constitution Committee inquiry to give evidence on the impact of Covid-19 on the courts and justice system.

Professor Dame Hazel Genn

Professor Dame Hazel Genn (Professor of Socio-Legal Studies at UCL Laws and Director of the UCL Centre for Access to Justice) was an expert witness for the session on ‘Constitutional implications of Covid-19’, which discussed the challenges that Covid-19 presents for courts, the justice system and the effectiveness of virtual proceedings.

In her evidence, Professor Genn raised the issue of technical challenges associated with virtual proceedings and explained why it is important to start collecting evidence to identify the opportunities and risks of online proceedings in order to produce effective legal outcomes in the future.

Professor Genn also discussed how the digital divide means certain groups in society may be prevented from accessing justice if they are unable to participate in virtual proceedings.

Professor Genn mentioned the work of the UCL Centre for Access to Justice, which has continued to provide support to members of the local community in Stratford throughout the Covid-19 crisis on a range of issues such as benefits, housing, and furlough and employment issues.

You can watch a recording of the session on Parliamentlive.tv now.