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Professor Steven Vaughan co-authors report on in-house lawyers’ ethics with Lawyers on Demand

28 October 2019

The report, entitled Which way is the wind blowing?, examines the moral compass of in-house legal teams.

Which way is the wind blowing

Which way is the wind blowing? Understanding the moral compass of in-house legal practice is a Lawyers on Demand In Collaboration report co-authored by Professor Steven Vaughan (Professor of Law and Professional Ethics at UCL Laws) and Professor Richard Moorhead (Head of Law School, University of Exeter and Visiting Professor at UCL Laws).

The report discusses various ethical problems lawyers may face within the in-house legal profession, such as how to always do the right thing when the client is also the employer; and challenging decision-making within an organisation.

The report is based on the book In-house Lawyers' Ethics: Institutional Logics, Legal Risk and the Tournament of Influence, co-authored by Professor Vaughan, Professor Moorhead and Dr Cristina Godinho and published by Hart in November 2018.

Which way is the wind blowing? is published by Lawyers on Demand (LOD) as part of the ‘In Collaboration’ series, where LOD partners with a third party to offer “thoughts on today’s legal landscape and what tomorrow might offer”. LOD is a flexible legal services business, working with more than 800 lawyers and consultants across 13 offices around the world.

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