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Prof Lianos co-authors volume with Prof Valentine Korah and Dr Paolo Siciliani on Competition Law

28 October 2019

Competition Law: Analysis, Cases, & Materials provides an in-depth analysis of the law and economics of both EU and UK competition law.


Professor Ioannis Lianos' co-authored treatise on Competition Law, with Professor Valentine Korah and Dr Paolo Siciliani (PhD UCL, 2013) has just been published by Oxford University Press. The book provides, in little more than 1700 pages, an in-depth analysis of the law and economics of both EU and UK competition law. The book combines the sophisticated and detailed analysis of a Treatise with a Casebook (US style) including some excerpts of cases with notes and questions. It aims to serve as a reference text for advanced students in competition law and also legal practitioners.

The book has already received important acclaim:

"This is a remarkable and ambitious work. Part treatise, part casebook, part critique, the authors not only survey substantive competition law as applicable in the EU and the UK, but also examine its theoretical and economic background and rationale. The text is replete with references to academic sources and there are included extensive extracts from some of the leading cases and scholarly articles, followed by questions to stimulate teaching and discussion. The various and evolving economic approaches to competition issues are explained in a manner intelligible to the non-economist. The book will prove a valuable resource to academics, practitioners and graduate students seeking a sophisticated exploration of the subject." -- Sir Peter Roth, President, UK Competition Appeal Tribunal

"If one wants to know how a few articles in an old international treaty evolved into a full, comprehensive and buoyant legal discipline at both EU and UK level, the book by Ioannis Lianos, Valentine Korah with Paolo Siciliani makes compulsory reading." -- Marc van der Woude, Judge, General Court of the EU

"This book by Lianos, Korah with Siciliani offers an up to date detailed analysis of EU and UK competition law, explored in their historical, economic and political context. It constitutes a wonderful and successful effort in combining legal and economic analysis, with a critical perspective on the evolution of competition law in Europe. It is highly recommended for both practitioners and graduate students." -- Tommaso Valletti, former Chief competition economist, European Commission

Link to the book: https://global.oup.com/academic/product/competition-law-9780198826545?cc=us&lang=en&#