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UCL Laws welcome new UCL Law Society committee for 2019/2020

31 May 2019

On 28th May 2019, the newly elected committee officially commenced their roles as part of the UCL Law Society at a handover and training day.

UCL Law Society committee

The day began with a handover session with the existing committee, as well as an introduction into how their roles align with the Faculty’s activity. The committee also heard from speakers from within UCL Laws and externally on topics including careers; governance; and events & communications management.

The UCL Law Society plays a vital role within UCL Laws, and is run by a committee elected annually by the student body. This society supplements academic activities by organising social and sporting functions during the year and also provides a programme of talks by eminent academics and practitioners from outside UCL. The society’s outstanding programme of events and activities were recognised in March, the UCL Law Society won best society for first year students at the Student Law Society Awards hosted by LawCareers.Net.

Raphael Khoo, President of the UCL Law Society commented:

“We are constantly grateful for the unwavering and continued support from the Faculty throughout the years. The series of Handover talks organised by the Faculty were incredibly informative and thoroughly engaging: we were made aware of the importance of creating various opportunities (careers, competitions, sports, socials, and pro bono) for our members and the granular details of working closely with the Faculty.

“In the coming academic year, our Society will have a stronger emphasis on Diversity and Inclusion in our community and continue to complement our members’ academic experience with a wide range of events. We are all incredibly excited for the year ahead and will be spending time in the summer preparing!”

The following members of the UCL Law Society were elected into their roles in March:

President: Raphael Khoo
Vice-President and Careers Secretary: Lim Bing Yi
Secretary: Hannah Hui
Treasurer: Rahul Jayaprabha 

Bar Careers Secretary: Chak Kei Lau
Social Secretary: Wajih Jaroudi
Sports Secretary: Kamryn Rana

Diversity, Inclusion and Overseas Officer: Rushil Puri 
Marketing and Technology Officer: Vanessa Liakopoulou
Pro Bono Officer: Eloise Wainwright
Publications Officer: Hannah Forman

Junior Moots Officer: Ellen Steiner
Senior Moots Officer: Alex Moja
Speaker Secretary: Christopher Ho
Vocational Officer: Nearchos Aniliades

1st Year Representative: Choi Ching Jack
2nd Year Representative: Choi Ching Jack
Final Year Representative: Angalea Varma

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