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Dr Steven Vaughan & Prof Richard Moorhead publish two articles in Harvard Law School's The Practice

31 May 2019

Two pieces by Professor Richard Moorhead and Dr Steven Vaughan, entitled ‘The Tournament of Influence’ and ‘Checking the Balance’, have been published in Harvard Law School’s The Practice – a magazine about the legal profession and practice.


The Tournament of Influence’, written by UCL Laws’ Dr Steven Vaughan (Associate Professor) and Professor Richard Moorhead (Chair of Law and Professional Ethics) explores the findings of their research on in-house legal counsel. The article is based on In-House Lawyers’ Ethics: Institutional Logics, Legal Risk and the Tournament of Influence, published by Hart Publishing and co-written with Cristina Godinho. The research for the book was part funded by the UCL Centre for Ethics and Law.

The second piece, ‘Checking the Balance’, is a conversation with Sonya Branch (general counsel of the Bank of England and executive director of its Legal Directorate) about ethics and leadership of in-house counsel in large institutions.