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Project on barriers to accessing justice featured in UCL Grand Challenges blog

4 February 2019

The project was co-produced by Dr Tom Hickman (UCL Laws), Dr Lisa Vanhala (UCL Political Science), and the Public Law Project.


The UCL Grand Challenges blog has recently published a post about an exploratory project examining access to judicial review courts in the UK.

Barriers to Justice? Legal Costs and Accessing the Judicial Review Courts’ was co-produced by Dr Lisa Vanhala, Associate Professor in Human Rights, UCL Political Science; Dr Tom Hickman, Reader in Public Law at UCL Laws and the Public Law Project, a legal charity.

The project was awarded a grant by UCL’s Grand Challenge of Justice & Equality, and aimed to examine questions of finance around the judicial review process, with a final report authored by Joe Tomlinson and Ravi Low-Beer and published by the Public Law Project.

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