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Professor Richard Moorhead interviewed on BBC Radio 4 about gambling gagging orders

14 February 2019

Professor Moorhead shared his verdict on the legality of NDAs used by gambling companies to stop vulnerable customers from speaking out.

Professor Richard Moorhead

Professor Richard Moorhead, Chair of Law and Professional Ethics at UCL Laws, was interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s consumer affairs programme, You and Yours, about gagging orders used by gambling firms.

This follows a warning by the Gambling Commission to stop gambling firms using gagging orders to silence unhappy customers, after incidents of consumers being paid money if they agree to not to talk to the regulator. Professor Moorhead discussed whether such clauses should be enforced; how lawful the contracts are.

Professor Moorhead went on to explain how lawyers involved may have breached professional obligations or committed a criminal offence by writing unenforceable contracts or taking advantaged of vulnerable parties.

You can listen to a recording of the episode on BBC Sounds (starts at approximately 4 minutes 35 seconds).

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