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Professor Ioannis Lianos interviewed by CNN on recent Facebook infringement decision

11 February 2019

Professor Ioannis Lianos was interviewed by CNN about the German competition authority's recent Facebook infringement decision.


Professor Ioannis Lianos was interviewed and cited as a source by CNN on a recent story they published on the German competition authority's (Bundeskartellamt) Facebook decision. The German authority found that Facebook has abused of its dominant position by harvesting user data also outside of the Facebook website in the internet or on smartphone apps and assigning these data to the user’s Facebook account without the users giving voluntary consent for this collection and distribution to third party apps and other Facebook-owned services like WhatsApp and Instagram.

The decision of the Bundeskartellamt marks a significant step in the implementation of competition law to restrictions on privacy, something that may signal a broadening up of competition law intervention in Europe to harm to consumers that go beyond the usual price effects, as Professor Lianos explained in his interview.

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