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Dr John Sorabji publishes two chapters in Civil Procedure and Harmonisation of Law

25 February 2019

The book explores how EU and international civil procedure rules shape national civil procedure law of the EU member states.

John Sorabji

Dr John Sorabji, Senior Teaching Fellow at UCL Laws, has published two chapters in a new collaborative work that discusses the harmonisation of European civil procedural law.

Edited by Professors Anna Nyland (Tromso University) and Magne Strandberg (Bergen University), Civil Procedure and Harmonisation of Law examines the inter-relationship between national and international procedural law. Its particular focus is on the development of national law, for both European Union Member and EFTA Member States, of EU procedural law.

Dr Sorabji’s first chapter explores the development of model rules for European Civil Procedure by the European Law Institute and UNIDROIT. The development of such model rules has been an aim of the European Institutions since, at least, the 1970s. Dr Sorabji is one of the main contributors to this project.

His second chapter explores the approach taken by English procedural law to the implementation of EU procedural law developments, highlighting the fact that such developments tend to have minimal impact on English procedural design.

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