UCL Faculty of Laws


Dr Martin Petrin featured in documentary on corporate finance

11 September 2018

Dr Martin Petrin is a featured expert in a new educational documentary.

Photo of Martin Petrin being filmed

Dr Martin Petrin, Associate Professor and Deputy Director of the Centre for Commercial Law at UCL Faculty of Laws, has been interviewed as the featured expert in a new documentary on concepts of corporate finance and accounting. The film is being produced by the world’s leading developer of educational video and multimedia content, ClickView, based in Australia and London.

The documentary will introduce secondary school students to fundamental principles related to balance sheets, income statements, cash flow management, and similar concepts. Among others, students will learn about the significance of assets, liabilities, share capital, revenue, and expenses and how they are properly recorded in in financial documents. Students will also be introduced to sources of corporate funding, budget calculations, and liquidity planning exercises. 

Once the editing process is completed later this year, the documentary will be used by teachers in classrooms across 2,000 participating schools across the United Kingdom and Australia.