UCL Faculty of Laws


Dr Anna Donovan Cited in Blockchain Report

28 March 2018

Anna Donovan

Dr Anna Donovan, Lecturer in Law at UCL Laws, was interviewed by the global research initiative Long Finance for their latest report 'Liquidity or Leakage, Plumbing Problems in Cryptocurrencies.' The report, written by Rodney Greene and Bob McDowell, considers the governance questions raised by cryptocurrencies and the impact that they may have on financial markets.

Dr Donovan was cited in part three of the report, which explores some of the legal considerations that arise with the use of smart contracts.  In the report, Anna notes that whilst smart contracts do raise a number of interesting legal and regulatory questions, the English common law is 'particularly well placed' to respond to these challenges.  Specifically, it is agile enough to foster the innovation that distributed ledger technologies offer whilst responding to the reasonable expectations of the parties where necessary.

The report was published with the support of the Cardano Foundation and think-tank Z/Yen.

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