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UCL Law Society Committee Handover Day

14 June 2018

Newly elected committee takes over the reins of the UCL Law Society

The UCL Law Society incoming committee in front of Bentham House

On Wednesday, 30 May 2018, the newly elected committee officially took over the reins of the UCL Law Society at the revamped home of UCL Laws, Bentham House. 

In the first half of the day, the new committee got together for a photoshoot and internal Vice-Presidential election. This was followed by a mentoring session run by incumbent committee members for their successors. In the afternoon, faculty and guest speakers shared practical tips for the new committee to excel in its endeavours for the Society in the upcoming academic year.

Boyan Vassilev, newly-elected Vice-President and Final Year Representative, said:

'As the incoming Final Year Representative and Vice-President, I am excited about this new opportunity and anxious to get started. I relish this challenge and hope that I will effectively represent not only my fellow finalists, but the department as a whole, going above and beyond all expectations.'

Georgios Dougenis, incoming Sports Secretary, said: 

'Taking over the reins as Sports Secretary of the UCL Law Society would have been a much more daunting prospect had it not been for the support of the incumbent Secretary and the highly informative Handover Day. I now feel ready to take up the challenge and I look forward to bringing to life all the great ideas proposed by my fellow incoming officers and the Society.'

Niam Manansala, incoming Senior Moots Officer, said:

'It was exciting to hear about the responsibilities we have in public office, and this was reaffirmed by the emphasis that was put on reminding us that we are in public office.'

The newly-elected committee of the UCL Law Society has set exacting standards of effective servant leadership for the benefit of the Society in the upcoming academic year. With a revival of communal spirit in tandem with the Faculty's move back to Bentham House, we look forward to a fulfilling and fun-filled year together as a Society, under the leadership of the newly-elected committee.

The following members of the UCL Law Society were elected into their roles on 28 February 2018:

President: Shawn Siah
Vice-President (as of 30 May 2018)/Final Year Representative: Boyan Vassilev

Secretary: Millie Scott
Treasurer: Lucy Young
Technology and Communications Officer: Vanessa Liakopoulou

Bar Careers Secretary: Afiya Amesu
Careers Secretary: Faye Ho

Overseas Officer: Lim Bing Yi
Social Secretary: Chris Moss
Sports Secretary: Georgios Dougenis

Pro Bono Officer: Michael Utama
Publications Officer: James Witherspoon

Junior Moots Officer: Ellen Chan
Senior Moots Officer: Niam Manansala
Speaker Secretary: Neo Wei Sheng
Vocational Officer: Raphael Khoo

1st Year Representative: Natalia Bilimoria
2nd Year Representative: Sophia Goh
Final Year Representative: Boyan Vassile

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By Shawn Siah, President, UCL Law Society