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Professor Eloise Scotford speaks at major Belgian climate governance event

4 December 2018

Professor Scotford delivered a keynote presentation on national climate laws, with particular reference to experience in the UK and Australia.

Eloise Scotford

Professor Eloise Scotford, Professor of Environmental Law at UCL Laws, made a keynote presentation at the 2018 Belgian Climate Governance Dialogue, which took place in Brussels last week.

The event was the final, public presentation of the work of a climate governance dialogue process that has taken place in Belgium over the past year, led by the federal government and academic partners.  The event was opened by Marie-Christine Marghem, the Belgian Minister for Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development.

During the event, academics, political decision-makers and stakeholders gave presentations and views on the dialogue process – discussing issues such as trends in climate legislation, the role of parliaments and the Constitution, and the division of powers in federal Belgium - and engaged in both academic and political debate.

Professor Scotford delivered a presentation entitled ‘National Climate Laws - Entrenching National Climate Policy and Exploring the UK Experience’, providing an external expert perspective on national climate governance, with particular reference to experience in the UK and Australia.  She also was part of the academic debate panel.