UCL Faculty of Laws


Dr Anna Donovan provides evidence on LawTech and Education to the Commission on Justice in Wales

14 December 2018

Dr Donovan was asked to provide oral evidence on developments in legal education with regard to LawTech.

Anna Donovan

Dr Anna Donovan, Vice Dean (Innovation) at UCL Laws was asked to provide oral evidence to the independent Commission on Justice in Wales, chaired by Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd. The Commission was established to review the operation of the justice system in Wales, the terms of reference for which includes the provision of legal education (particularly in light of developments in LawTech). Dr Donovan was invited to speak in her capacity as Vice Dean (Innovation) and with regard to her role as the Chair of the Education Taskforce of the UK LawTech Delivery Panel. Dr Donovan gave evidence with Professor Andrew Murray of the LSE.
On giving evidence Dr Donovan said:

“Education is, of course, a critical component in developing a world-leading LawTech ecosystem and I was delighted to be able to share our experience at UCL, together with the early activities of the Education taskforce, with the Commission. The Faculty of Laws is engaged in a number of innovative education and LawTech initiatives including, for example, LawWithoutWalls, the Barclays LawTech Eagle Lab and establishing one of the first student LegalHackers chapters. These activities have demonstrated the value of multi-disciplinary collaboration across the academic and practicing branches of the sector and it was a pleasure to discuss these programmes (together with future proposals) with the Commission.”
Details of Dr Donovan’s evidence will be published on the Commission’s website in due course. Further information on the Commission and its terms of reference can be found on The Commission on Justice in Wales website.