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Dr Ronan McCrea writes about Ireland's future role in the EU for The Irish Times

24 April 2018

Ronan McCrea

Dr Ronan McCrea, Senior Lecturer at UCL Laws, has written for The Irish Times as Ireland faces big decisions about its future role in the EU and particularly the Eurozone. 

Dr McCrea's opinion piece discusses how it may be difficult for Ireland to block moves on EU taxation after getting enormous political support on Brexit:

'The utter mess of the Brexit process has confirmed the correctness of the Irish Government’s decision to emphasise our status as a loyal EU member. The difference between the EU’s concern to defend Irish interests in the negotiation process and the dismissive attitude towards Norther Ireland’s interests by the UK government could hardly be starker.

However, the fact that Brexit is going so badly for the UK should not distract Ireland from the reality that there are very important choices to be made in relation to Ireland’s future role in the EU once Brexit has taken place'.

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