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Call for responses: 'Transforming Culture in Financial Services'

26 April 2018

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Alan Brener, Teaching Fellow in UCL’s Faculty of Laws and Deputy Director of the Centre for Ethics and Law (CEL), has called for responses to the Financial Conduct Authority’s recent discussion paper ‘Transforming Culture in Financial Services’. You can read more about his views and how to contribute in this blog post.

Starting earlier this year Alan has published a series of blog posts on issues relating to regulation and legal action within the banking sector in the UK and the US. The series, which continues to be updated with new posts, can be found on the Centre for Ethics and Law homepage.

The CEL was set up to foster collaboration and provide a platform for professionals, academics and others to exchange ideas around professional ethics and the ethics of risk.   

Other blog topics include the recent regulatory actions taken against Wells Fargo Bank as a result of its abuse of customer trust and strategic business errors, and an overview of the key lessons learnt.

In a related post, Alan Brener describes a new agenda set by the US Federal Reserve Board under its new team. Alan highlights the truth, which has been seen many times, that all regulation is as nought if the culture and ethics of a firm fail.

In March of this year, the UK’s Banking Standards Board published its second annual review looking at the sector’s culture relating to three specific themes: the industry’s values and how these relate to business practice; staff members’ levels of personal accountability; and banks’ treatment of their employees and customers. Alan Brener’s blog post on this topic describes how the Review’s survey results compare to the BSB's 2017 report.

You can view Alan Brener’s profile, including contact details, here: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/laws/people/mr-alan-brener