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Dr John Sorabji co-authors new edition of Comparative Civil Litigation textbook

25 October 2017

John Sorabji

Dr John Sorabji, Judicial Institute Fellow at UCL Faculty of Laws, co-authored the 2nd edition of Civil Litigation in Comparative Context alongside Professors Oscar Chase, Helen Hershkoff and Linda Silberman (New York University School of Law), Professor Rolf Stürner (University of Freiburg), Professor Yasuhei Taniguchi (Prof. Em. Kyoto Universit) and Professor Vincenzo Varano (University of Florence),

The book compares the approach to civil litigation in the United States of America, England, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan. It explores the nature of common-law and civilian litigation systems and differences in court structure, the judiciary and legal professions, as well as the possibilities for trans-national procedural convergence.

It goes on to provide a clear outline of the differences and similarities across the jurisdictions from initiating claims, through the pre-trial and evidence-gathering processes, multi-party litigation, to judgment, appeal and enforcement.

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