UCL Faculty of Laws


Sir Robin Jacob delivers series of lectures and seminars in China and Hong Kong

28 November 2017

Sir Robin HK

Sir Robin Jacob, Sir Hugh Laddie Chair of Intellectual Property Law at UCL Faculty of Laws, delivered two lectures, respectively at the University of Science and Technology of China on Monday 20 November and at The University of Hong Kong on Tuesday 21 November 2017.

The first one entitled ‘How the Patent System Works’ and the second one ‘Patent Medicines: A Matter of Life and Death.’

Sir Robin has also delivered two seminars: the first one on ‘Arbitration and Mediation of IP disputes’ at the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre on Wednesday 22 November and the second on ‘The Importance of Patents to Innovation’ at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing on Friday 24 November 2017.

Sir Robin HK2