UCL Faculty of Laws


Professor Maria Lee publishes paper on ‘Environmental Accountability of Government after Brexit’

9 November 2017

Maria Lee

Professor Maria Lee, Vice Dean (Programme Delivery and Development) and Professor of Law at UCL Faculty of Laws, recently published a full paper on Environmental Accountability of Government after Brexit for the UCL European Institute.

The paper analyses the impact of Brexit on the UK environment. With environmental standards and accountability profoundly shaped by EU legislation and policy, it shows that even the very softest of Brexits will expose gaps in the UK’s governance framework. An independent, expert and adequately resourced body will be needed after Brexit to replace the EU’s role in scrutinising the government’s performance and holding it to account on environmental matters.

Professor Lee also published an article entitled ‘The UK needs a new independent body to protect the environment after Brexit’ in The Conversation highlighting some of the key points of the argument.