UCL Faculty of Laws


Dr Danae Azaria teaches Transit Pipelines and Countermeasures at NYU School of Law

6 November 2017


Dr Danae Azaria, Senior Lecturer in Law at UCL Faculty of Laws, taught Transit Pipelines and Countermeasures for a second year at NYU School of Law on Thursday 2 November 2017.

Her seminar was based on her monograph, Treaties on Transit of Energy via Pipelines and Countermeasures (OUP, 2015) and focused on how international law regulates transit of energy via pipelines, whether the existing inter-state dispute settlement mechanisms under the WTO and the Energy Charter Treaty are appropriate to deal with energy trade/transit disputes in the context of energy crises, and whether a transit or exporting state may lawfully suspend exports or transit as a countermeasure to importers, especially looking at proportionality and the effect of such measures on human rights.

Dr Azaria’s monograph has been awarded the 2016 Paul Guggenheim Prize in Public International Law