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UCL Laws LLB student Bartu Kaleagasi on the AIBE Summit’s leadership committee

31 January 2017

Bartu is a third-year LLB Law student from Brussels, due to graduate in 2017


He currently studies Company Law and Environmental Law modules at UCL, as well Technology Management and Philosophy of Science modules as an intercollegiate student at LSE. This year, Bartu is on the AIBE Summit’s leadership committee, which is a conference on Artificial Intelligence in Business & Entrepreneurship taking place on 4 February at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre.

The AIBE Summit 2017 is due to be the largest event of its kind ever to be held. The committee is made up of students who acknowledge that the world is witnessing an unprecedented rise in the pace of technological innovation, with artificial intelligence set to become the most defining breakthrough of this century. The summit is an attempt to communicate this sentiment to the general public, as well as offer some insight into the future impact of AI on businesses and startups.

The speakers are some of the most distinguished AI academics and business leaders in the world, including Dr. Stephen Cave (Centre for the Future of Intelligence), Ed Newton-Rex (Jukedeck), Dr. Carsten Sorensen (LSE), Calum Chace (bestselling author), Carlos Espinal (Seedcamp), Hugo Pinto (IBM Innovation), Dr. Daniel Hulme (Satalia & UCL), and Dr. Rob Fraser (Microsoft).

AIBE Summit

They also have an exciting line-up of exhibitions, which includes Tesla Motors (self-driving cars), Opto VR (virtual reality), Aiva Technologies (AI music composer), IntelligentX (AI-brewed beer), Aire (machine learning credit ratings), Your.MD (AI health assistant), Cyra (AI smart recruiter), Ernest (AI financial assistant), and many more.

Bartu has always enjoyed taking part in extra curricular activities and during his first year, he joined UCL Entrepreneurs, a society which focuses on startups and venture capital. There, he was involved in managing the society’s VC Fund, which provides seed capital to all kinds of startups at UCL including biotech, smart furniture, cyber security, coding education, health foods, online marketplaces, and more. The following year, having been appointed as the fund’s Director, he went on to organise a series of startup interviews, as well as several final round events with judges from technology and venture capital firms.

Having wanted to study at a world-leading institution, he chose UCL due to its unique location in the heart of London, its multi-disciplinary nature, and its strong values with regards to progressivism, secularism, and encouraging creativity. His best memories at UCL Laws are from the events organised by the UCL Law Society, which range from academic experiences like mooting and negotiations to a wide array of social nights and trips.

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