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Professor Dame Hazel Genn welcomes recipients of the Vinson Chu Peking U/UCL Law Scholarship to UCL

3 November 2016

Professor Dame Hazel Genn, Dean, UCL Faculty of Laws, has welcomed Adrienne Lam and Bowen Wang, the first recipients of a scholarship made possible by the generous support of the Hong Kong-based Vinson & Cissy Chu Charitable Foundation.

The Scholarship, first announced in November 2015, will be awarded yearly to a Chinese law graduate of Peking University who shows outstanding academic potential and needs financial assistance to pursue a full time Master of Laws degree (LLM) at UCL.

Professor Dame Hazel Genn said:

“It is my pleasure to welcome Adrienne and Bowen to the UCL Faculty of Laws from Peking University. They are both clearly deserving recipients of the scholarship, having both shown real potential during their previous studies. I also offer deep thanks to the Vinson & Cissy Chu Charitable Foundation who have made it possible for Adrienne and Bowen to join us this year.”

Winston K.S. Chu, Trustee of the Foundation said:

“Our Vinson & Cissy Chu Charitable Foundation is delighted that two promising young scholars Ms. Adrienne Lam and Mr. Bowen Wang from the Peking University are reading for the LLM Degree in the UCL Laws Faculty and upon their graduation, they can help to promote the development of the Rule of Law in China.”

Hazel Adrienne

Adrienne said:

“I knew as soon as I applied that it would be a great challenge, studying a really rigorous programme in a different language. I am so excited to study at UCL Faculty of Laws and to learn more academically in a really cool city.”

Hazel and Bowen

Bowen said:

“Vinson Chu PKU/UCL Law Scholarship represents the strong friendship between the two elite law schools, it also gives me a privilege to further my academic pursuit with an excellent depth and range of experience in UCL.”

The Foundation, in particular UCL Laws alumnus Winston K S Chu, also generously supports an annual conference on the Rule of Law jointly hosted by UCL, Peking University and The University of Hong Kong.

Anna Donovan

Pic 1: Professor Dame Hazel Genn with Adrienne Lam.

Pic 2: Professor Dame Hazel Genn with Bowen Wang.

Pic 3: Anna Donovan, Lecturer in Law at UCL Laws, shaking hands with Zhang Shouwen, Dean of Peking University, after signing the scholarship agreement in November 2015.