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2016 Bentham association presidential address and dinner

17 March 2016

Hosted by the Faculty of Laws, the 2016 Bentham Association Presidential Address and Dinner was held at UCL on Wednesday 16 March

Bentham Dinner

The Honourable Chief Justice Geoffrey MA Tao-Li GBM of the Court of Final Appeal, Hong Kong delivered the 68th annual Presidential Address to an audience of UCL Laws alumni and friends. In his speech titled ‘In Praise of an Old, Honourable and Distinguished Friend: The Bar’’, Chief Justice MA drew from his experiences at the Bar and as a judge in Hong Kong, to praise the Bar’s continual support and respect for the fundamentals of the rule of law. Read the full speech here.

The Presidential Address was followed by a sit down dinner attended by over 90 distinguished guests. Among the attendees were former UCL alumnus The Right Hon Lord Wolf, former President of the Bentham Association, and former Chair of UCL Council,  The Right Hon the Baroness Hale of Richmond, Deputy President of the United Kingdom Supreme Court and former Bentham Association Presidents.

The Bentham Association Presidential Address and Dinner is an annual reunion event for UCL Laws alumni. Established in 1949, the Bentham Association was formed to help maintain and strengthen relationships between the Faculty and its former students, staff and friends.