UCL Faculty of Laws


Leading legal advisor joins UCL Centre of Ethics and Law

20 January 2014

Professor Stephen Mayson has joined the UCL Centre for Ethics and Law as an Honorary Professor in Law at UCL Laws.

Stephen comes with a long-standing intellectual and professional interest in the governance of law firms and legal services. He has contributed to public debate on these issues and was involved with the Legal Services Act.

Professor Richard Moorhead, Director of the Centre for Ethics and Law said: “We are delighted to welcome Stephen to the centre. He brings a wealth of experience of practice; corporate and professional governance and its regulation. He has been bringing clarity and wisdom to professional service debates for many years and his work on the Legal Services Act has been extremely influential and insightful.”

Professor Mayson will contribute to the Centre’s engagement with the professions, policymakers and academics around ethics and professional regulation through the centre’s regular seminars and think tanks as well as through papers and research.

Professor Stephen Mayson said: “It’s an honour to join UCL Laws as an Honorary Professor. As an alumnus, it is particularly gratifying to be returning in a new capacity. I look forward to working with other members of the distinguished faculty, and especially to working with Professor Moorhead in the Centre for Ethics and Law in pursuing my interest in legal services regulation and ethics.”