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The UK Internal Market Bill: International Relations, the UK Constitution, and the Rule of Law

02 December 2020, 6:00 pm–7:30 pm

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A UCL Laws Community event for students, staff and alumni

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The Government’s UK Internal Market Bill 2019-21 is a central and high-profile element of the raft of post-Brexit UK legislation introduced to reshape our body of law after the UK’s departure from the European Union. This Bill is remarkable in its constitutional significance, with resonance and impacts at the international, UK-wide, and devolved national scales. In seeking to integrate the UK as a smoothly trading nation internally, it risks fracturing international commitments and constitutional settlements in the UK’s arrangements for devolved government.

This Laws Community seminar will explore this complex and fraught piece of proposed legislation from a variety of legal perspectives.

All Laws staff, students, and alumni are warmly invited to attend.

Programme and speakers

Professor Rick Rawlings (Chair of Public Law) will examine how the Bill relates to the UK’s territorial constitution.

Professor Jeff King (Professor of Law) will consider the rule of law issues raised by the Bill, including how the rule of law relates to international law and how the powers in Part 5 of the Bill seek to put ministerial regulation-making powers above domestic public law principles in an unprecedented way.

Professor Kimberley Trapp (Professor of Public International Law) will examine general frameworks of international law in their application to the Bill.

Professor Dean Piet Eeckhout (Professor of Law & Academic Director, European Institute) will examine the breach of international law represented by the Bill, and how this is different from other (alleged) breaches, particularly in a European context.

Chair: Professor Eloise Scotford, Vice-Dean Research, Faculty of Laws

The seminar will run for 90 mins, which will include approx. 50 minutes of presentations from the panellists, followed by Q&A.

Watch the recording on our YouTube channel or by using the link below

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