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Competition, Governance and Regulation of the Internet Economy.

17 April 2019–18 April 2019, 9:30 am–1:30 pm

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Lakeview Hotel
Peking University

Competition, Governance and Regulation of the Internet Economy.
-    the Chinese Experience and Global Perspectives

About the conference

It’s beyond any doubt that the internet economy is shaping our society in almost every aspect and to a significant extent. Whilst benefitting tremendously for us, the rise of the digital economy also leads to dramatic changes and sets important challenges to existing law and regulation.

The idea and vision of this conference is to bring together the first tier scholars on the digital economy, competition law, consumer protection and IP laws from China, the U.S., the Europe and other emerging countries, as well as practitioners from internet business and regulators, to explore the necessity and boundaries of competition law enforcement, as well as other alternatives, and the toolkit and methodology we have for regulating internet competition. We also target to share the Chinese experience and knowledge to our foreign colleagues and introduce foreign thoughts to China.

Throughout the one day and a half conference, several very important topics will be discussed among scholars and practitioners, including:

  • The rise of the platform economy: the Chinese experience
  • The regulation over platform economy: competition policy, consumer protection and IP
  • Internet competition and competition law.
  • Internet competition and consumer protection.
  • Data mergers: competition law, data protection regulation and IP rights
  • Regulating the Private Governance of Digital Ecosystems: Competition Law, Contract Law, Regulation
  • Concluding discussion: The global governance of e-commerce

This conference is organized under the Chatham House rules and is by invitation only.

This event is organised by the Internet Competition Policy 30 members Forum with academic support by the UCL Centre for Law, Economy and Society and the Centre for e-Commerce Law, Peking University. It is an important collaboration project between UCL and Peking University.

This conference is generously funded by the UCL Global Public Engagement Strategy


  • Professor Ioannis Lianos, Director, UCL Centre for Law, Economy and Society
  • Judge Dennis Davis, South African Competition Appeal Court
  • Professor Svetlana Avadasheva, School of Higher Economics, HSE
  • Professor Alexey Ivanov, HSE & BRICS Competition Law Centre
  • Professor Bjorn Lundqvist, University of Stockholm Law Faculty
  • Professor Nick Economides, NYU Stern Business School (via Skype)
  • Professor Michal Gal, University of Haifa (via Skype)
  • Assistant professor John Mark Newman, University of Memphis (via Skype)
  • Assistant professor Inge Graef, Tilburg University (via Skype)

Speakers from Chinese academic:

  • Professor Xue Jun, vice Dean, Law School and Director, Centre for e-Commerce Law, Peking University
  • Professor Shi Jianzhong, vice president, China University of Political Science and Law, and advisor to the Chinese State Council’s anti-monopoly Commission.
  • Professor Wang Xiaoye, China Academy of Social Science, and advisor to the Chinese State Council’s anti-monopoly Commission.
  • Professor Huang Yong, Director of Competition Law Centre, University of International Business and Economics, and advisor to the Chinese State Council’s anti-monopoly Commission
  • Professor Wang Xixin, Peking University
  • Professor Shen Kui, Peking University
  • Professor Yang Ming, Peking University
  • Professor Xue Hong, Beijing Normal University
  • Associate professor Tian Li, Peking University School of Media
  • Associate professor Cui Guobin, vice dean, Tsinghua University Law School
  • Associate professor Jiang Ge, Tsinghua University
  • Associate professor Jin Shanming, China Academy of Social Science
  • Assistant professor Xiong Bingwan, Renmin University of China
  • Doctor Chen Yongwei, Lecturer of Peking University and Research Chief of the “Comparison” Magazine
  • Doctor Huang Yunhua, Chief editor of Competition Policy Review

Contributors from Chinese Digital Economy:

  • Mr. Zhou Jianzhong, Pinduoduo, Senior vice president of strategy and legal affairs
  • Mr. Yin Yongsheng, Didi, General Counsel
  • Wang Xinran, Amazon China, Director for public policy and government relations
  • Dr. Zhang Qinkun, Tencent, Secretary General of the Tencent Research Institute
  • Ms. Li Li, JD.com, Director of the Law Research Institute
  • Mr. Liu Jian, Meituan, Senior legal director
  • Ms. Ge Ying, Sina, Senior specialist of policy research
  • Mr. Chang Hongxiao, Ctrip, senior policy researcher
  • Mr. Wang Lin, Ctrip, senior policy researcher
  • Mr. Chen Zhixing, Senior counsel, Anjie Law Firm
  • Mr. Derek Liu, Associate, Zhong Lun Law Firm