UCL Faculty of Laws


Tackling sexism and sexual harassment in law

18 May 2017, 6:00 pm–8:00 pm

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Christina Lienen


Hamilton House, Suite 1&2, 1 Temple Avenue, London EC4Y 0HA

Organised by one of our current doctoral students, Christina Lienen, this workshop – the first in a series of three – aims to provide information on the challenges posed by sexism and sexual harassment in the legal profession, and for participants to develop skills to respond to them and to become active bystanders and supporters.

This first interactive workshop, delivered by Sam Nicholson, UCLU’s Women’s Officer, is aimed at providing a strong basis for the two succeeding panel discussion events on 25 May 2017 (Academic Panel) and 1 June 2017 (Practitioners Panel).

The following objectives are set

  • Understand what constitutes sexual harassment
  • Dispel common myths around sexual harassment
  • Discuss sexual harassment in a workplace setting
  • Explore the meaning of consent and detecting non-consensual situations
  • Learn how to report sexual harassment
  • Discuss how sexism manifests in the workplace and how to combat it
  • Encourage cultivation of solidarity between women
  • Learn how to be an effective male ally

The workshop will be followed by drinks receptions during which participants are encouraged to discuss this topic further and to network with legal professionals from other institutions

We encourage male and female participation.