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Effective enforcement of environmental law

30 March 2015–31 March 2015, 9:00 am–6:00 pm


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UCL Faculty of Laws


UCL Laws, 1-2 Endsleigh Street, London WC1H 0EG

A special symposium to mark Professor Richard Macrory’s contribution to the development of environmental law.

  • Monday 30 March: 2pm – 6pm
  • Tuesday 31 March: 9am – 2pm

About the symposium

This event brings together some of the leading contemporary figures in environmental law to explore the enforcement of environmental law at national, European and international level. It is being organised to mark Professor Richard Macrory 65th birthday and his contribution to the development of environmental law.

Panels sessions will cover:

  • criminal and non-criminal sanctions,
  • specialised environmental courts and tribunals,
  • access to national and EU Justice,
  • enforcement of EU environmental law,
  • enforcement of international environmental law,
  • enforcement and environmental governance.

Moderators and panellists to date include:

  • Paul Bowden, Partner, Freshfields, Bruckhaus and Deringer
  • Anne Brosnan, Deputy Director (Chief Prosecutor) Legal, Environment Agency
  • James Burton, Barrister, 39 Essex Street Chambers
  • Liam Cashman, DG Environment, European Commission
  • Professor Jan Darpo, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • Richard Gordon QC, Barrister, Brick Court Chambers
  • Professor Jane Holder, UCL
  • Professor Jan Jans, University of Groningen
  • Richard Kimblin, Chair UK Environmental Law Association
  • Dr Ludwig Kramer, Consultant ClientEarth
  • Judge Peter Lane, President, General Regulatory Chamber of the First-tier
  • Luc Lavrysen, Judge, Constitutional Court of Belgium
  • Professor Richard Macrory, UCL
  • Alistair McGlone, member Aarhus Compliance Committee
  • Professor Massimiliano Montini, University of Siena
  • Professor Catherine Redgwell, Chichele Professor of International Law, University of Oxford
  • Jonathan Robinson, Executive Director of Resources and Legal Services, Environment Agency
  • Edward Ruggeri, Gianni Origoni Grippo Cappelli & Partners, Milan
  • Aine Ryall, University of Cork
  • Professor Philippe Sands QC, UCL
  • Lord Justice Sullivan, Senior President of Tribunals
  • Sharon Turner, Visiting Professor UCL
  • Ned Westaway, Barrister, Francis Taylor Building
  • Professor Gerd Winter, University of Bremen
  • Merideth Wright, former Presiding Judge, Vermont Environment Court


30 March 2015
Ludwig Kramer (ClientEarth)
14:15Panel I: Criminal and non-criminal sanctions
Moderator: Richard Kimblin (Chair, UKELA / No. 5 Chambers)What is the role of criminal law in environmental enforcement? How well do criminal courts handle environmental offences? Do non-criminal sanctions have a value? Are enforcement undertakings simply a way of buying oneself out of trouble? How well are criminal and non-criminal approaches co-ordinated?Panellists:
Jonathan Robinson (Environment Agency)
Edward Ruggeri (Gianni Origoni Grippo Cappelli & Partners, Milan)
Gerd Winter (University of Bremen)
15:30Panel II: Specialised Environmental Courts and Tribunals
Moderator: Lord Justice SullivanAre specialized environmental courts or tribunals the way forward for environmental law? What are the trends in other jurisdictions and lessons learnt? What has been the experience with the Environment Tribunal in England and Wales? What is its future?Panellists:
James Burton (39 Essex Street Chambers)
Jan Darpo (Uppsala Universitet, Sweden)
Merideth Wright (former Presiding Judge, Vermont Environment Court)
Judge Peter Lane (President, General Regulatory Chamber of the First-tier)
16:30Refreshments Break
17:00Panel III: Access to national and EU justice
Moderator: Jane Holder (UCL)Do new cost capping rules satisfy Aarhus? Can we improve Judicial Review procedures? What is the role of the fast track planning court? Do procedures at European level meet access to justice requirements?Panellists:
Richard Gordon QC (Brick Court Chambers)
Ned Westaway (Francis Taylor Building)
Ludwig Krämer (ClientEarth)
31 March 2015
09:00Panel IV: Enforcement of EU environmental law
Moderator: Luc Lavrysen (Constitutional Court of Belgium)What is the impact of EU enforcement procedures at national level? Can the system be improved? How should priorities be determined? Does Competition Law enforcement provide the model for the environment? What has been the role of the CJEU?Panellists:
Aine Ryall (University of Cork)
Jan Jans (University of Groningen)
Martin Hedemann-Robinson (University of Kent)
10:00Panel V: Enforcement of international environmental law
Moderator: Philippe Sands QC (UCL)How can we improve the enforcement of international environmental agreements? Can we develop a more effective sanctioning system at international level? Does the Aarhus Compliance Committee provide a useful model?Panellists:
Massimiliano Montini (University of Sienna)
Catherine Redgwell (University of Oxford)
Alistair McGlone (Aarhus Compliance Committee)
11:00Refreshments Break
11:30Panel VI: Enforcement and Environmental Governance
Moderator: Richard Macrory (UCL)What is the role of an enforcement policy? How transparent should regulators be for their enforcement actions? How do we measure success? Panellists:
Paul Bowden (Freshfield Bruckhaus Deringer)
Liam Cashman (DG Environment, European Commission)
Anne Brosnan (Environment Agency)
Bridget Marshall (Scottish Environment Protection Agency)
End of conference


This conference is accredited with 6.5 CPD hours with the SRA and BSB.

Places are limited and early booking is advised.