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Target Law for Parents and Carers

The Target Law Mentoring Scheme is a two year long programme for Year 12 students from disadvantaged groups in non-selective state schools with the aspiration to enter a top law school.

About Target Law

Does your son or daughter have the desire and ability to study law, but perhaps not the confidence or knowledge to navigate through the application process? The Target Law programme is designed to help, through providing practical assistance and advice as well as building up the skills that will contribute to making a successful application to a top law school. 

Playing Your Part

You have an important part to play. You can encourage your daughter or son to sign up for the project and support them along the way. You can give them positive feedback about their hard work and cheer them up when the going is tough. You can help them to complete their goals between sessions and to believe in their ability to succeed.

If your child is selected for the Mentoring Scheme you will be invited to come along to the Parents/Carers introductory evening at the start of the scheme. More information will be provided nearer the time.

Mentoring Scheme 

The scheme takes places over two calendar years, starting from January in Year 12 and supporting participants through the entire UCAS application process. Participants will take part in ten mentoring sessions and have the opportunity to attend additional events at UCL Laws. Successful applicants will be paired with a current UCL Laws student who will act as their designated mentor throughout the programme.  

Mentoring Sessions 

Each session is designed to help participants prepare for and become a competitive candidate for top law schools. Mentoring sessions include information and support on: 

  • Preparing your application to Law school. 
  • Personal Statements 
  • LNAT preparation and practise 
  • Court Visit 
  • Sample lectures 

Students will also get feedback from mentors on submitted written work in order to properly prepare for the application process. 


Participants are expected to attend all events, which will take place in a combination of in person and online formats.