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Financial giving

Philanthropy is transformative. The generosity of our donors enables us to enhance the lives of people and communities. Be part of the future of UCL Laws.

There are a number of ways in which you can support UCL Laws and leave a lasting legacy.  

For those of us who are fortunate to attend university, often will feel the impact of our student experience for the rest of our lives. It goes without saying that academically university shapes our careers and our professional lives, but the friendships, interests and pursuits explored and developed is priceless and leaves a lasting impression. 

Supporting scholarships at UCL is a powerful way to ‘pass the baton of opportunity’ to the next generation of students. With your help, we can open our doors to a wider range of people, and make sure the pathway to opportunity reaches beyond our walls, into local, national and global spheres, and into areas under-represented in higher education. This in turn means brilliant minds of all kinds have a stake in shaping our future. The stronger our UCL community is, the stronger our impact; in our diversity, this strength is amplified. 

The generosity of our donors has enabled the Faculty of Laws to:

  • Improve access to a legal education for students experiencing financial hardship through a scholarship scheme 
  • Offer support to students experiencing financial difficulties through a hardship fund 
  • Contribute and enable world- class legal research on topics of profound importance to society and law 
  • Improve access to justice for vulnerable communities in London by offering free legal advice across a range of social welfare law issues, via UCL Law’s Centre for Access to Justice  
A group of people Laws graduates throwing their caps in the air at the March 2022 Laws Graduation reception

Support UCL's Inclusive Law School

Making education more accessible by supporting scholarships and funding 

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Support the Centre for Access to Justice

Enabling vulnerable communities in London to access free legal advice

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Leave a legacy

Leaving a legacy is a powerful gift and one that can support future generations