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Polish report on carbon capture and storage

5 March 2014

The UCL Carbon Capture Storage Programme today published a report on the implementation of the EU CCS Directive in Poland. Jerzy Jendroska, one of Poland’s leading contemporary environmental lawyers, was commissioned by the Programme to write the report.

Transposition of the Directive was a lengthy process, with the final national legislation agreed in September 2013, over two years after the Directive’s deadline for transposition. The delay was largely due to the challenges of creating a workable and clear legal framework within existing complex mining and energy legislation.

To read the full report, please click on on the following link: J. Jendroska – Implementation of the CCS Directive in Poland

Professor Macrory commented, “This is an important new study, though there is a certain irony in the timing. A few months before the key Polish law was finally passed, both the key energy company involved in the first CCS demonstration project in Poland and the national Government appeared to have abandoned any further CCS development, mainly because of the economic uncertainties involved. But politics and economics can change more rapidly than the law. The fact that Poland now has a robust CCS legal framework in place will stand it in good stead if and when circumstances change.”

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