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European Commission action on Milford Haven Power Plant

19 December 2012

By Centre for Law and Environment, on 19 December 2012.

Ray Purdy (Centre for Law and the Environment) and Olivia Woolley (formerly UCL Centre for Law and the Environment, now University of Groningen) were commissioned to do a short study for the Countryside Council of Wales looking at whether a proposed power station at Milford Haven was in compliance with a number of EU environmental laws. A key part of their analysis was on the cooling system used in the plant, its impacts and whether this was BAT. The European Commission have now acted following a complaint and has sent a formal notice of infringement to the UK Government in respect to this new £1bn Pembroke power station at Milford Haven. It is the first case of its kind against a power plant in Britain. The 18 violations listed in the infringement notice include concerns on assessing environmental impacts, protecting habitats, the use of nitrates and IPPC.

For further details see media stories from the BBCITV and Sky, 10 & 11 December 2012.