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4th Conference

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Modelling of Advanced Functional Materials
using Tera and Petascale Computing

Daresbury 2020

Call for Abstracts:

Deadline: Sunday 1st March 2020

To submit an abstract for a talk or poster please use the appropriate template given below. Do not change the style (update Title, Name of presenter and co-authors, Department and University, abc code, and Abstract text) and please stick to one page. After completing send to as a Word attachment with the subject title "talk only", "poster only" or "talk or poster". Note that each theme will only have a few slots for talks.

Biomaterials and Soft Matter

Enviromental and Smart Materials

Energy Generation, Storage and Transport

Materials Discovery

Reactivity and Catalysis

Fundamentals of Nanomaterials

Fundamentals of Surfaces and Interfaces

Fundamentals of Bulk Materials

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