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4th Conference

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Modelling of Advanced Functional Materials
using Tera and Petascale Computing

Daresbury 2020

The conference will take place in the main lecture theatre within Daresbury Laboratory.

How to get to Daresbury: Click here

We encourage all registered participants to head straight to the main reception building within the STFC Daresbury Laboratory site. Once you have arrived we aim to look after you, which includes transfers to and from one of the three hotels.

MD Focus Group Meeting
Before we begin on day 1, for those you are interested, we will hold a focus group aimed at establishing what we as a community would like to support in respect to MD software. Currently, as part of our EPSRC grant, we have COSEC provision to the suport and develop a number of materials software, which includes DL_POLY. With CCP5 recently loosing its funding, should we increase the level of support we provide to DL_POLY? What bits of DL_POLY work/do not? What functionality is missing or underperforms? i.e. what aspects of MD software should we concentrate on that are important to you? Should we be supporting another MD code instead?

Hotels are nearby in Warrington. As part of the registration process, you can choose to stay 2 or 3 nights at one of three hotels from which our hosts have arranged for a coach to ferry us to and from. After the poster session, conference meal and each breakfast, the coach will make one circuit (potentially also picking up those who want to make their own arrangements for accommodation and manage to get to one of the pickup points before the coach leaves).

Conference Meal
Thursday night at the local pub that is within walking distance of the conference.

There really is not much time before the availability of the hotel rooms will be gone, so please register ASAP

Hope to see you all soon!

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13 Feb, 2020