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Project overview: Bike-off 2

Funding:  AHRC/EPSRC

Project details

BikeOff 2 was a collaboration between researchers at the Design Against Crime Research Centre (University of the Arts London) and the UCL Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science, that was supported by research funding from the AHRC/ EPSRC Designing for the 21st Century programme.

The research aimed to bring about a 'design revolution' in secure cycling for the 21st century, overcoming the adverse effects of bicycle theft in achieving sustainable transport objectives within European cities. Specific outputs of the project involved the design and evaluation of new cycle stands and communication strategies intended to improve cyclists locking practices.

An AHRC report estimated that there is "£2.6M pa of potential public value benefits in avoided cost and emotional stress from implementing the Bike Off measures nationally."


COPS guide: Bike theft

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