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Neil A


Currently CTO at Lukount and Colarity, I am pursuing a part-time Ph.D. at University College London. I am tackling illegal trafficking using a hybrid approach at the intersection of crime script analysis and computer science.
Before that, I studied fundamental and applied mathematics in France, held two master's degrees in this field, respectively, from University Paris-Saclay and Ecole Normale Supèrieure, and studied applications in security and defense.
After my master's and before my Ph.D., I worked in investment banking for two years as a mathematical analyst and a machine learning researcher on anti-money laundering projects and OFAC sanctions.
I am the proud creator of a Spanish-speaking podcast: La pagina 111.

Research project

Detect illicit transactions on the Darknet and the Blockchain: A hybrid approach mixing deep learning and crime script analysis.


llegal trafficking networks seem more decentralized and atomized. Criminal organizations are using new tools such as DarkNet markets and cryptocurrencies. In my research, I would like to :

  • Perform in-depth crime script analysis and derive organizational networks to better position the usage of new tools.
  • Use OSINT to gather data, possibly connect online presence to well-known physical organizations and traffickers.
  • Deploy innovative OSINT techniques to track the illicit transaction on drug-related bitcoin addresses and public blockchain.
  • Be able to monitor illegal online marketplaces and provide actionable insights for investigations.

Ideally, I would like to duplicate this process and apply it to other criminal networks, as I think it is a common trend shared between different illicit organizations. On a personal level, I would like to gain a deep
understanding of criminal organizations and apply my technical knowledge to a fascinating research topic.


Blockchain, Crime-script analysis, Crime-Science Deep-learning