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Past newsletters

Spring 2022

Preview of the top of the Research News Spring 2022 email
  • Introduction from Professor Lynn Ang.
  • Top story: Drop the phonics focus.
  • Research Highlights: How early menopause impacts women's working lives / Young peoples’ rates of reporting online sexual harassment and abuse are ‘shockingly low’ / Mistrust is a big reason why Covid-19 vaccine uptake among ethnic minority groups remains lower.
  • News: Extensive disruptions to social and health support for 50,000+ disabled pupils / The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas is fine as fiction, not as an educational resource / Making climate change education sustainable.
  • Events: Research to practice in literacy teaching and learning / Conversations. For Life.
  • Listen to: Academia et al. / What is stunting and why should we take action?
  • Opinion: Green neighbourhoods and their children / Subject to change: the ITT Market Review.

Autumn 2021

Research News: Autumn 2021 preview
  • A word from Professor Lynn Ang.
  • Top story - The key word is 'disruption', not 'loss'. 
  • IOE Research Highlights - ‘Avalanche’ of Government’s early COVID-19 guidance severely impeded schools / The impact of education disruptions / Children’s views in research.
  • IOE News - Children of the 2020’s study team receive a royal visit / Improving health and social care for the most vulnerable / Addressing vaccine hesitancy / Recognising researcher excellence.
  • IOE Events - Soon / On catch-up.
  • Opinion - Ensuring the quality of subject-specific teacher education / Education in Afghanistan was a battlefield long before the Taliban returned / Proud to be: Black women.
  • Lastly... Research for the Real World: Season 11.

Summer 2021

Research news Summer 2021 preview thumbnail
  • A quick update from us - Senior leadership appointments.
  • IOE Research Highlights - International Day of Education / Championing gender equality in education / Moving up from primary to secondary school / Teaching and classroom assistants key to keeping schools open / Research for the Real World Season 10.
  • IOE News - Major new cohort studies launched / IOE experts involved in national attainment reporting / IOE archives feature in 'Subnormal: A British Scandal' documentary / New IOE Early Career Impact Fellowship / Student achievements in linguistics.
  • IOE Events - Soon / Later / On catch-up.
  • From the IOE Blog - Open book exams: open season for cheaters or a better form of assessment? / "I’m okay, just scanning proof that my leg is still amputated" / Why we’re not surprised about the #MeToo movement in UK schools.
  • Lastly... Coming back stronger: leadership matters.

Spring 2021

Research news Spring 2021 preview thumbnail

COVID learning resources to support teachers, children, and families:

  • A free online course for teachers.
  • Learning resources.
  • Other ways IOE is responding to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Who to follow.

Autumn-Winter 2020

Thumbnail of Research News email newsletter - Autumn/Winter 2020 issue
  • IOE Research Highlights - England in TIMSS: Pupils improving in maths but falling behind in science / Teachers' wellbeing: a research digest / Research for the Real World: 5 remarkable research stories.
  • From the IOE Blog - COVID vaccine: what makes some people wary while others want to be first in the queue? / "A university education can lead to graduates demanding equality" / Getting "IN-TOUCH" with Christmas.
  • IOE News - UCL leads £2m international policy initiative to mitigate COVID-19's social impacts / 30,000 'myth-busting' Holocaust textbooks sent for free to 1,000 schools / High levels of serious mental health difficulties among UK 17-year-olds / 72% of teachers do not think they should be doing the Phonics Screening Check.
  • IOE Events - For your 2021 diary / On catch-up.
  • Lastly... Keep up with how IOE is responding to coronavirus.

Summer 2020

Thumbnail of the Research News Summer 2020 issue
  • Top story - COVID-19 research at the IOE.
  • IOE Research Highlights - Research for the Real World / Making research accessible to education practitioners / Drive, ambition, gender, GCSEs / Snowball effect of ability setting on children's self-confidence.
  • IOE Events - IOE Coffee Breaks virtual events.
  • From the IOE Blog - 5 easy tricks for successful online teaching / Unravelling the evidence behind the DfE's COVID guidance on teaching assistants / Higher education: growth after loss? / The IOE Blog has moved.

Spring 2020

Research News, Spring 2020 preview
  • Top story - Seven years in a row.
  • IOE Research Highlights - Equal opportunities to succeed / Understanding the social and cultural bases of Brexit / Links between wealth and health evident from age 9.
  • IOE News - Nature is nurturing / No satisfaction with SATs / IOE student nominated for international education award.
  • IOE Events - What if... we wanted more effective school improvement? / Teachers and teaching: the politics of respect / Celebrating 50 years of the 1970 British Cohort Study.
  • IOE Opinion - More places to podcast / Closing class gaps in political awareness: it's all about Citizenship Education / Shaping a 'socially just' school system.

Autumn 2019

Research News: Autumn 2019
  • Top story - Made at IOE.
  • IOE Research Highlights - Reassessing 'Ability' Grouping: Improving Practice for Equity and Attainment / Adults Aloud / Enabling school middle leadership to lead / Mind the gender pay gap.
  • Resources - from the Shine Research Lab.
  • IOE News - UCL’s ‘most promising startup’ / Linked datasets open up the possibilities in education research / International Research Network on Human Rights Education.
  • IOE Opinion - Podcasts straight from the IOE to your ears / Inequalities in education and society: the home, the school and the power of reading / Rules of engagement: 5 takeaways for research impact.

Spring 2019

Research News newsletter, Spring 2019
  • Top story - Would pupils feel more at ease if their words had flow like Jay-Z's?
  • IOE Research Highlights - Timing of parents' split matters for children's mental health / IOE researchers ask teachers to reflect on grouping practices within their schools / Male teenagers are best at bullsh*tting.
  • IOE News - Number 1, 6 years running / How child refugees give, and receive, care / #SmashStereotypes.
  • IOE Events - Mobs, memes and movements / Sociology for social justice with youth in (and out) of school / What if… we wanted a world-leading early years sector?
  • IOE Opinion - 'I don’t want to have to apologise for wanting a career at 60' / The UN Convention on genocide: 70 years on.

Autumn 2018

Research News: Autumn 2018 edition
  • Top story - Democracy: in theory and practice.
  • IOE Research Highlights - IOE researchers win major public engagement award / Religious background more important than faith school education for academic success / The impact of ability streaming on young children.
  • IOE News - Championing gender equality in schools / UCL and the IOE mark the Armistice centenary / New UCL digital media programmes announced.
  • IOE Events - What if... our main objective in education was to build wisdom? / Celebrating CRAEtivity: an evening of autistic art and music / Global learning and skills for global social change.
  • IOE Opinion - Shoud WhatsApp be used to teach writing? / Fighting for working class students' access to knowledge / Thinking allowed: teachers must reclaim their moral purpose.

Summer 2018

IOE Research News: Summer 2018
  • Top story - 'Chaotic' government reforms are failing to tackle education inequality.
  • IOE Research Highlights - Student loan debt has negative consequences in later life / Pupils should take their time to get things right / England behind other developed countries in maths performance / Almost a third of fathers lack access to flexible work arrangements / Millennials losing virginity later than parents.
  • IOE News - Did the Baby Boomers fulfil childhood dreams? / #NHS70 / Film education journal launched / Mapping a future for refugees / IOE researchers urge government to review how drugs are prescribed to children for ADHD.
  • IOE Events - Teachers and Teaching Research Centre launch / Visionary Women and Visible Children, England 1900-1920.
  • IOE Opinion - Are Emoji a 'universal language'? / Podcast: Can technology help dementia patients? / We could end exam distress by removing the root cause.

Winter 2018

IOE Research News: Winter 2017-18
  • Top story - QS World #1 ranking.
  • IOE Research Highlights - Children from lower social classes up to 5kg heavier than their more advantaged peers / German universities likely to benefit from Brexit, report suggests / State schools often better managed than private schools / Every 18 year-old should be offered £10,000 to spend on courses of their choice / Teenage girls set their sights on lower paying jobs than boys.
  • IOE News - Alumna world's best teacher / UCL celebrates exceptional women with "Female Firsts" art project / UCL receives over £1 million for research on link between the brain and behaviour / New Collaborative Social Science Domain launched / Dominic Wyse named BERA president.
  • IOE Events - #IOEDebates / #IOELectures / Why can't we solve the science participation crisis?
  • IOE Opinion - Podcast: What every teacher needs to know about setting / What happened to the link between the women's movement and the fight for children's rights / What is the best way to support the most challenged schools?

Autumn 2017

IOE Research News: Autumn 2017
  • Top story - IOE appoints Director for new Centre for Education Improvement Science.
  • IOE Research Highlights - UK's status as leading knowledge economy under threat / UCL launches programme of research and education in Lebanon / Further education in England needs more policy attention / Music strikes a chord with great writers / Being tall or overweight as a child doesn't determine happiness in adulthood.
  • IOE News - IOE launches policy-facing debates series / Science Capital Teaching Approach / IOE welcomes International Teacher of the Year / Longitudinal studies consortium receives funding extension / IOE professor among 'most influential' in British schools and universities
  • IOE Events - IOE Professorial Lectures / Fundamental(ly) British values / Adolescent lives: cross-disciplinary, cross-national and critical perspectives on youth and wellbeing / Creativity and crafting with tactile technologies.
  • IOE Opinion - What knowledge should we teach the next generation? / Closing the gap: we need the best teachers in the most deprived schools / How do we secure HE's role as a public good?
  • More - Media reaction to teenage depression research.

Summer 2017

IOE Research News: Summer 2017
  • Top story - Being on a zero-hours contract is bad for your health, new study reveals.
  • IOE Research Highlights - Greater capacity to detect sound gives autistic people an advantage / IOE launches world's first comprehensibility scale / Sponsored academies not always succeeding with bright, disadvantaged pupils / IOE to research Brexit's impact on UK universities.
  • IOE News - Gillian Anderson receives Honorary Fellowship / Nobel Prize-winner launches IOE Centre / IOE to deliver new 'school leader' qualifications / Intensive Mandarin learning.
  • IOE Opinion - Examining the voting habits of pensioners and their attitudes towards nationalism.

February 2017

  • Top story - The contribution of natural history museums to science education.
  • IOE Research Highlights - Bright-but-poor pupils lag behind classmates / Millennials who choose apprenticeships are just as happy with their lives / Class pay gap revealed.
  • IOE News - Education Secretary launches UCL and Arsenal literacy initiative / Robot joins IOE research centre.
  • IOE Opinion - Class size and teaching.

October 2016

Research News October 2016
  • Top story - Dame Celia Hoyles listed as one of London's most influential people.
  • Research Highlights - Believe in young people / The rise of the obesity epidemic / Playing Beowulf.
  • Staff Profile - Professor Dame Celia Hoyles, Professor of Mathematics Education, UCL Knowledge Lab.

July 2016

Reaserach News July 2016
  • Top story - IOE welcomes new Director Becky Francis.
  • Research Highlights - Why AI could replace exams / Private education linked to better health / Out of school activities improve attainment / Sally-Anne test: children's nonverbal responses merit closer consideration / Britain slow to adjust to gender equality in work-family roles.
  • Staff Profile - Li Wei, Professor of Applied Linguistics.

April 2016

Research News April 2016
  • Top story - IOE ranked as No 1 third year running.
  • Research Highlights - UK parents no longer work the longest hours in EU / Will girls keep up with boys as 'world's most important exam' becomes computer-based? / American devotion to religion is waning, according to new study / Why we should take artificial intelligence in education more seriously / Children still face barriers in accessing music education.
  • Staff Profile - Carey Jewitt, Professor of Education, UCL Knowledge Lab.

January 2016

Research News January 2016
  • Top story - Launch of the Centre for Global Higher Education.
  • Research Highlights - Research and Policy in Education book launch / Late night social media use affects teenagers' performance at school research findings / IOE awarded a Queen's Anniversary Prize.
  • Staff Profile - Liz Pellicano, Professor in Autism Education.