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REF 2021

The impacts of IOE research on the wider world have been recognised in the Research Excellence Framework 2021.

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IOE’s research mission is to inspire and nurture excellence in education and social research. The results of UCL’s REF submission to Unit of Assessment 23 (UoA23) (Education) recognise our research excellence. The submission included 793 outputs from 353 staff (an FTE of 316.97), the largest in the UK.

IOE comprised the major part of the ‘Unit’, augmented through collaboration with UCL Medical School's Research Department of Medical Education and the Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences’ Department of Science and Technology Studies. The submission consisted of outputs focused on diverse areas and stages of education, through national and international lenses, that drew on and contributed to a range of disciplines including applied humanities, communications science, computer science, economics, history, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, public health, social policy, and sociology. We submitted 13 impact case studies showcasing a variety of research programmes and projects that have influenced policy, practice and public understanding.

Key highlights

  • UCL made the largest submission to UoA23 (Education): 353 staff were submitted, a 45% increase in FTE size from IOE’s 2014 submission, making this our most inclusive REF submission to date. Our FTE submission was three times bigger than that of our closest competitors.
  • UCL’s submission to UoA23 is ranked 1st for overall research power in UoA23. Research power is a measure that takes into consideration both the quality and size of a submission.
  • UCL’s submission to UoA23 is ranked 1st for overall research strength in UoA23, a measure of ‘world-leading’ and ‘internationally excellent’ research activity and size; 89% of our research activity was rated ‘world-leading’ (4*) and ‘internationally excellent’ (3*).
  • Our Environment Statement received the highest possible rating (100% 4*), recognising the vitality and sustainability of our environment that produces research of world-leading quality and enables outstanding impact.
  • 92.3% of our impact was rated 4*, achieving outstanding impacts in terms of reach and significance, and 7.7% was rated 3*.

Data source for research power and research strength calculations: REF 2021 Results Analysis Tool developed by Elsevier Analytical Services and Data Services, part of Elsevier Research Intelligence.

Impact case study highlight

An innovative programme exposing gender and race inequalities in media advertising, has led to the UK advertising industry including more diverse imagery.

IOE REF 2021 Impact Case Studies

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REF 2021 News

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