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Module 6: Coordinates and Geometry

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  • Repetition
  • Variable
  • Definitions
  • Debugging
  • Decomposition
  • Selection
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Coordinates
  • Randomness
  • Reflection
  • Translation
  • Scale Factor
  • Division and rounding
  • Regular and irregular polygons
  • Geographic: Locational Knowledge

Teacher materials

SM Y6 Module 6 Teacher Materials (PDF)

Classroom presentations

SM Y6 Module 6 Investigation 1 Presentation (PDF | PPTX)
SM Y6 Module 6 Investigation 2 Presentation (PDF | PPTX)
SM Y6 Module 6 Investigation 3 Presentation (PDF | PPTX)

Scratch starter projects

6-Fleeeee Dots.sb2
6-Fleeeee Dots FINAL.sb2
6-Fleeeee Dots Extension FINAL.sb2
6-Coordinates INT1.sb2
6-Coordinates INT2.sb2
6-Coordinates FINAL.sb2
6-Grid Letters.sb2
6-Grid Letters FINAL.sb2
6-Mimic Meeeee.sb2
6-Mimic Meeeee INT.sb2
6-Mimic Meeeee FINAL.sb2
6-Looking Glass.sb2