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Fostering strong professional relationships: Find your staffroom friends

12 January 2024

Nancy Karmali-Belmonte and Farzana Akther respond to our ECTs' questions, and remind us that looking after wellbeing and being a good teacher are two sides of the same coin.

A photo of Mark and Elaine on post its. There are more post its and a pencil, a tea and a cookie on the table. The graphic says ECF Staffroom.

"It is up to the induction tutors, I think, to set the school culture so that those more challenging feedback conversations are couched in a framework of support and everyone moving forward and growing."

Mark and Elaine hear Nancy and Farzana discuss the importance of Induction Tutors, and the important role of ensuring ECTs find their advocates in the staffroom and are able to build their supportive communities.

They discuss building a culture that is open and filled with a willingness to share advice and listen – which includes listening to ECTs and knowing what they need.


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