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IOE academic featured in London Bridge photography series celebrating British Science Week

27 March 2023

Dr Liz Halstead’s work encourages viewers to think about their own connections to science.

A photography installation at London Bridge Station, with Liz Halstead positioned bottom left. Image credit: British Science Association.

The photography series featured eight scientists and was on display at London Bridge Station to celebrate British Science Week, which took place from 9-11 March 2023.  

This year's British Science Week theme was “Connections”. Research has consistently found that science does not strongly resonate with the public, especially young people. According to data from the British Science Association, only a third of 14-to-18-year-olds believe science is relevant to their lives, while a scarce eight percent of youth can think of a scientist who looks like them. It is a phenomenon that extends to adults as well: the 2019 Public Attitudes to Science survey, commissioned by the UK Government, discovered that only one in five adults feel connected to science. 

The installation intended to inspire a new generation to reflect on their connection to science. In addition to displaying photographs, the featured scientists also talked about what science meant to them. 

Considering her connection to science, Dr Halstead said: “Science is about coming up with new, intriguing questions and finding answers. I get to chat to my students and work with people from all walks of life who participate in our studies. It’s not just problem-solving skills, but collaboration too.” 

Dr Liz Halstead predominantly teaches on the Psychology with Education BSc in IOE's Department of Psychology and Human Development. Her research focuses on improving mental health, sleep, and wellbeing across at-risk populations. She has a particular interest in behaviour change and identifying protective factors to enable better physical and mental health outcomes. During her career, she has also designed and used mobile technology and telehealth to aid delivery of therapies and support. 

Dr Halstead adds: “It was a privilege to be featured in the London Bridge installation for British Science Week. It is important to show that science is everywhere around us, and that there are many skills and interests that can applied in a job in the sciences. The installation focused on including people from groups who are underrepresented in the science sector and hopefully inspired some young people to think 'I could do that if I wanted to.'” 

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