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‘Giving ECTs springs to run a marathon’: Louise Dwyer’s enthusiasm for UCL’s ECF programme

15 December 2023

Mark and Elaine speak to Louise Dwyer, Assistant Headteacher at the Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls, and discuss how the ECF builds upon a growing movement of evidence-informed practice, enabling a more accessible exchange of ideas.

A photo of Mark and Elaine on post its. There are more post its and a pencil, a tea and a cookie on the table. The graphic says ECF Staffroom.

"There will still be that joy to be found in teaching."

Louise says that if we want to keep teachers in the profession, we need them to see the joy that is to be found in the classroom. And the ECF, she says, gives new teachers a shared language that helps them to ‘grow together'.

In this episode, she also talks about her love of delivering training and challenging early career teachers through continuing professional development (CPD), and through modelling the realities of the classroom.


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