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YESTEM Equity Compass

The "Equity Compass” graphic shows eight dimensions of equity, grouped into four overarching areas. The eight dimensions of equity are written in the outer layer. The inner layer indicates inequitable or weak practice.

“Challenging the status quo” area includes three dimensions of equity: “prioritising minoritised communities” (with inner layer “prioritising the dominant”), “transforming power relations” (with inner layer “reproducing power”), and “redistributing resources” (with inner layer “reinforcing privilege”).

“Working with and valuing minoritised communities” area includes two dimensions of equity: “participatory working – with” (with inner layer “to”) and “asset-based approach” (with inner layer “deficit-based”).

“Embedding equity” area includes one dimension of equity: “equity is mainstreamed” (with inner layer “tokenistic”). “Extending Equity” area includes two dimensions of equity: “community/society orientation” (with inner layer “individual”) and “long term” (with inner layer “short term”).

The Equity Compass