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COVID classrooms to COVID keeps: Navigating the long road from lockdown

11 January 2023, 6:00 pm–8:00 pm

Secondary school students walking through a corridor. Photo by Phil Meech for IOE.

Join this event to hear a panel discussion to launch Tony Breslin's new book 'Bubble Schools and the Long Road From Lockdown', the second in his trilogy of texts exploring the educational legacy of COVID-19.

This event is free.

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Arthur Chapman


Room WE.01
20 Bedford Way

This sequel to Breslin’s critically acclaimed Lessons from Lockdown book explores how school leaders, teachers, parents and pupils have navigated their way through and from lockdown. This is the story of ‘doing’ schooling against the topsy-turvy backdrop of a pandemic that has caused us all to reflect not just on the purpose and substance of education but also the world that schools might, in the future, need to prepare children and young people for.

Drawing on the voices of more than a hundred pupils, parents and professionals, the book captures the range of experiences as teachers and students grappled with new ways of working, policy chaos and the complexity of schooling and teaching in such a landscape.

The panel discussion will explore the analysis offered in the book from school leaders, educational researchers and policy perspectives.


  • Dr Tony Breslin - Director at Breslin Public Policy Limited, Chair at Bushey Primary Education Federation and Chair of the Education Committee at Anthem Schools Trust
  • Michael Callanan - Delivery Director at the Orwell Youth Prize and Teacher of English at Parmiters School, Hertfordshire
  • Daniel Coyle - Headteacher Cardinal Wiseman School, Greenford
  • Mary Ann Cooper - Federation Headteacher, Bushy Primary Education Federation
  • Dr Sinéad Harmey - Associate Professor in Literacy Education, International Literacy Centre, UCL IOE
  • Dave Miller - Headteacher, Pebble Brook Special School, Aylesbury

This event will be particularly useful for researchers, policy makers, school leaders, teachers and teacher educators.

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