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Socioeconomic disadvantages, multilingualism and resilience in school children

17 October 2022, 6:00 pm–7:30 pm

Nursery children sat around a table with teacher

Join this event to hear Professor Ianthi M.Tsimpli discuss how multilingualism and linguistic diversity interact with language and cognition in school children from disadvantaged backgrounds and in children with autism.

This event is free.

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Roberto Filippi

It is known that socioeconomic factors affect language and cognitive development from pre-school years. 

What is less known is how linguistic diversity in the society, the classroom and in the multilingual child interact with the learner’s underprivileged background, low levels of home literacy support and atypical development. In this seminar, Ianthi will address these questions.

This event will be particularly useful for those interested in multilingualism, cultural diversity, integration, education, health and society.

Multilingualism and Diversity: Impact on Education, Health and Society seminar series

This seminar series aims to bridge science with practice in education. Leading experts in linguistics, psychological sciences and neurosciences will engage with education practitioners, parents, students and members of the public who have an interest in multicultural diversity and inclusion. 

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About the Speaker

Professor Ianthi M.Tsimpli

Professor of English and Applied Linguistics at University of Cambridge

Her expertise is language development and language impairment in monolingual and multilingual children and adults. Her research examines the role of language of education and multilingualism on the cognitive, linguistic and school skills development of children in Europe but also in highly linguistically diverse societies such as India.