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Getting the grain: the teaching of two poems reconsidered

04 March 2020, 5:30 pm–7:15 pm

Books. Image: Jessica Ruscello via Unsplash

This event has now been cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience.

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Alison Brady


Room 828
UCL Institute of Education
20 Bedford Way

In this seminar, So Young Lee discusses the problems that teaching poetry presents and how this can be illustrative of wider curricular and pedagogical challenges. She questions of knowledge and remembrance as these arise in two poems.

She will look at the poems in relation to Lyotard’s conception of the immemorial.

Lyotard is concerned with a kind of repression in dominant conceptions of knowing and thinking, and with the insulation from experience that this effects. 

What is at stake in reading the poems is not so much the seeking of essential meanings, as a turning of attention to what cannot be fully grasped or contained.


Image: Jessica Ruscello via Unsplash

About the Speaker

So Young Lee

PhD Candidate at UCL Institute of Education

So Young Lee is completing her doctoral thesis ‘Poetics of Alterity: Education, Art, Politics’. 

She has published ‘Thinking in Nearness: Seven Steps on the Way to a Heideggerian Approach to Education’, ‘Ethics is an Optics: Ethical Practicality and the Exposure of Teaching’ in the Journal of Philosophy of Education, and ‘From Heidegger to Translation and the Address of the Other’ in Tetsugaku. 

So Young worked for eight years as a primary school teacher in South Korea and has lectured at Deagu National University of Education (2013-14, 2016) and at the University of Warsaw (2018).