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Registering on the DfE Online Teacher CPD Service platform

More information about the initial registration process for the Department for Education (DfE) 'Online Teacher CPD Service' platform.

The Department for Education (DfE) has contacted all schools requesting their registration on the platform and selection of their chosen delivery pathway for the Early Career Framework (ECF).

The updated DfE statutory guidance may be helpful.

Initial registration process

  1. Each school is contacted directly by the DfE and asked to register on the DfE Platform. If your school has not already registered we encourage you to do so as soon as possible. The invitation will have been sent to the email address(es) registered against the school in GIAS (Get Information About Schools). This is usually an office@, admin@ or head@ email address. If a school cannot find the original invite, schools can visit: Manage training for early career teachers on the GOV.UK website and regenerate a new email invite to the address they have registered with GIAS or email continuing-professional-development@digital.education.gov.uk for support.
  2. Once a school registers on the platform they are asked to nominate a CPD induction lead as the main point of contact for the DfE platform, to manage their statutory induction programme for 2021/22 and to receive notifications. 
  3. Schools are asked to choose from one of three approaches:
    1. use an approved training provider
    2. school delivers the programme using DfE accredited materials or
    3. school designs and delivers their own programme based on the ECF. In order to access the fully funded programme it is important to select the ‘Approved Training Provider’ option.
  4. For all schools who have chosen to access the ECF Full Induction Programme (FIP) via an approved training provider an important next step will be for them to select which national training provider they would like to work with. 

It is not possible for schools to select the name of the training provider they wish to work with on the DfE online service. The only way this can be done is for schools to confirm their choice of training provider in writing directly with their chosen training provider or affiliated delivery partner.

To reflect this the DfE have noted the following on their platform: 'The easiest way to sign up to this programme is to contact your local Teaching School Hub (TSH). They will talk you through how to access this support for your early career teachers and mentors.

Training providers are also recruiting schools across the country so you may hear from them. When you have confirmed an agreement directly with your training provider, they will update the DfE (this may take a few weeks). 

This training provider confirmation process is being managed directly through UCL’s delivery partners who are currently making contact with schools. Through this initial contact, schools will have the opportunity to express an interest in the UCL led programme. The delivery partner will then request the school’s written confirmation of intent to participate in the UCL led FIP training programme.

This will be in the form of an email sent out by delivery partners to schools whereby the recipient will be asked to respond confirming in writing their intent to participate. Once the delivery partner has received your confirmation this will be communicated to both the UCL IOE and the DfE. The DfE platform will subsequently be updated to show the school has selected UCL as its provider. 

Participation in the programme is subject to the availability of DfE funding. In due course schools will be asked to update the system with the names of early career teachers and their mentors.